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Access Panels

IntexForms access panels are made of glass fiber reinforced gypsum (GRFG) for interior use or glass fiber reinforced cement (GRFC) for exterior use.  The access panels are architectually designed to blend seemlessly with a dry wall ceiling or wall, as well as, with an exterior stucco wall. Panels can be used in both commerical and residential construction and come in five configurations of various sizes 

1.Lift-n-Shift rounded corner (1 3/4" radius)access panels

2.Lift-n-Shift square corner access panels

3.Lift-n-Shift oval access panel.

4.Hinged rounded corner (1 3/4" radius) access panels

5.Hinged square corner access panels


  • Lightweight, easy installation, & Class A fire rated (0 smoke, 0 flame)
  • Panel blends into ceiling or wall (tapered edge for tape joint).
  • No cracking, shrinkage, or bending.
  • Can be finished & painted with same material as walls or ceiling. 
  • Ideal for retrofit applications
  • Custom panels can be manufactured or you can choose from our standard panels in stock.  

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